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Hello and welcome to Oz Online Shopping Your exclusive Membership to our Online Business Community. How can you get the most our your Oz Online Shopping membership?

In one Word – Content

Yes, content is the key. You have no text limit for your entry on oz online shopping. Go nuts promoting your business or your product or service, seriously do not hold back. Text is what is found by search engines, there is no substitute.

Send us your graphics, your logo, your branding wish, your photos – all graphics allowed to make the best impression you can on your profile.

Establish a clear communication concept

It is of utmost importance to establish a clear way for website / profile visitors to communicate with you. At Oz Online Shopping we offer you on site forms which send you messages directly. We offer to link back to your own forms or specific contact pages.

Stay Up to date

Nothing is less professional than out of date information. Included with your standard membership are ongoing changes, simply email your oz online shopping agent to get your content up to date. If you don’t have his details, contact us through the help section.

Integrate Your Social Media

Your custom profile on Oz Online Shopping is not limited to a link to your website but we offer you the option to integrate links to your social media as well opening up multiple ways for customers to proceed to your business.

Integrate Your Booking Solutions

Many booking solutions for Business services provide you with the functionality that you can display your booking engine on your own domain. If you are a business using such an on website booking engine – you can opt to have it display on your business profile on Oz Online Shopping – basically any embed solution for a website, we can set up for you.