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Business Automation

Redefining workloads

Web Workflows

Work smarter not harder. Let us help you select the right webworkflow to business automation tools to enable your business.

Let our team develop the automation to suit your existing business management and CRM environments.

Capsicum Corporation

At Capsicum Corporation we don’t just deliver a solution – we deliver a service. Our philosophy is to provide a solution that is reliable, easy to use and offers a tangible return on investment.

We offer various levels of support to ensure all projects are utilising the solution to the best of its abilities. You can choose a service that is best suited to your business needs and benefit from Capsicum Corporation’s team of dedicated support personnel.


We build custom workflow websites no longer simply just living your corporate identity online but making your website an indispensible part of your company workflows.

Handling both customer and staff website form submissions feeding them into your workflow platform of choice for example Microsoft Office 365 products.