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Discover the Mystical Realm with Mystic Universe on the Sunshine Coast

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mystic Universe, a sacred space of spiritual awakening, guidance, and self-discovery. Located on the serene and sun-kissed Sunshine Coast, Mystic Universe offers a unique and transformative experience where ancient wisdom meets modern insights.

🔮 Meet the Oracle of Auset: 🔮

At Mystic Universe, we are proud to introduce our Oracle of Auset, Sue a highly intuitive and gifted channeler of divine wisdom. With deep-rooted connections to ancient Egyptian spiritual practices and mystical traditions, the Oracle of Auset possesses the ability to access profound insights from the spiritual realms.

🌌 Experience Trance Channeling: 🌌

Explore the ethereal realms through our Trance Channeling sessions. Witness as our skilled channeler, in deep meditative states, connects with higher spiritual beings to convey their messages and guidance. It’s a mesmerizing and enlightening experience that can provide clarity and purpose to your life’s journey.

🌟 Connect with a Psychic Medium: 🌟

Our Psychic Medium serves as a bridge between the physical world and the spirit realm. Whether you seek to communicate with departed loved ones or gain insights into your own life’s path, our Psychic Medium can provide a profound and comforting connection with the beyond.

👼 Angel Intuitive Guidance: 👼

Angelic guidance is a powerful and uplifting force in the spiritual realm. At Mystic Universe, our Angel Intuitive is attuned to the divine messages of the angels. Through this intuitive connection, you can receive guidance and wisdom from celestial beings, helping you make informed choices and navigate life’s challenges.

🌺 Visit Our Website: 🌺

Explore our website to learn more about our services, events, and resources. You can book sessions, workshops, and events to embark on your own spiritual journey and discover the wisdom, guidance, and healing that Mystic Universe offers.

🌅 A Sanctuary for Spiritual Seekers on the Sunshine Coast: 🌅

The Sunshine Coast is known for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, making it the perfect backdrop for spiritual exploration. At Mystic Universe, we’ve harnessed the region’s serenity to create a sacred space for spiritual seekers to connect with the mystical and transcendental.

🌟 Join Us on This Spiritual Odyssey: 🌟

Embark on a mystical journey with Mystic Universe on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you seek divine guidance, profound insights, or a deeper connection with your own spirituality, our Oracle of Auset, Trance Channel, Psychic Medium, and Angel Intuitive are here to guide you.

Visit our website,, or contact us to schedule your session and step into the realm of the mystical, the magical, and the miraculous. Your spiritual odyssey begins with Mystic Universe! 🌠✨🌟

The Oracle of Auset, also known as the Oracle of Isis, is a spiritual and mystical figure who is deeply connected to the ancient Egyptian goddess Auset, or Isis. Auset is a prominent deity in the Egyptian pantheon, known for her roles as a goddess of magic, motherhood, healing, and wisdom. The Oracle of Auset, as a channeler of divine wisdom and guidance, serves as a conduit between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

The Significance of Auset (Isis) in Ancient Egypt:

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Auset was revered as one of the most powerful and revered goddesses. She was often depicted as a loving and protective mother figure, and her story is closely associated with the search for her husband Osiris, whom she resurrected after he was murdered by their brother Set. Auset is also considered the goddess of fertility, healing, and magic. Her attributes represent the transformative power of love, healing, and the journey from darkness to light.

The Role of the Oracle of Auset:

The Oracle of Auset is a spiritual practitioner who taps into the energies and wisdom associated with the goddess Auset. They channel messages, insights, and guidance from the spiritual realm, offering individuals a unique opportunity to connect with divine knowledge and higher consciousness. The Oracle often utilizes deep meditative states to access the wisdom and guidance that Auset and other spiritual entities offer.

What the Oracle of Auset Offers:

  1. Divine Guidance: The Oracle of Auset serves as a source of divine guidance. They can provide insights into life’s challenges, personal growth, and the path to spiritual enlightenment.
  2. Healing: Auset is associated with healing, and the Oracle may offer healing energy and spiritual support to those in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
  3. Mystical Insights: The Oracle’s connection with Auset may lead to revelations, mystical experiences, and deeper spiritual understanding for those seeking such insights.
  4. Connecting with the Divine Feminine: Auset is often seen as a representation of the divine feminine. Through the Oracle of Auset, individuals can explore and connect with the nurturing, loving, and transformative aspects of the goddess.
  5. Rituals and Ceremonies: The Oracle may conduct rituals and ceremonies inspired by ancient Egyptian traditions, creating a sacred space for spiritual seekers to connect with the divine.

How to Seek Guidance from the Oracle of Auset:

To consult the Oracle of Auset, individuals typically schedule sessions or appointments with the Oracle. During these sessions, the Oracle may use various spiritual and meditative techniques to channel divine messages and guidance. The Oracle may also offer insights into specific questions or areas of concern that the seeker wishes to explore.

Respect for Auset and the Divine:

Working with the Oracle of Auset involves a deep reverence for the goddess Auset and the spiritual realm. Seekers are encouraged to approach the experience with an open heart and a respectful attitude toward the divine energies and wisdom that may be channeled through the Oracle.

The Oracle of Auset’s role is rooted in spirituality, mysticism, and a deep connection to ancient Egyptian traditions. Through their guidance and channeling of divine wisdom, individuals have the opportunity to experience a profound connection with the goddess Auset, gain spiritual insights, and navigate life’s challenges with a deeper understanding of the mystical and transformative forces at play in the universe.